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How to find an excellent Secondary School Tutor in Singapore?

No one can overlook the importance of Secondary school in our lives.  In fact, it is the phase that teaches us a whole lot of valuable lessons out of one’s many experiments and mistakes in the name of fun. This holds true for everyone, no matter which part of the world one belongs to. The secondary school level takes the most of one’s teenage and this is why parents are sort of more particular about the secondary school level of their kids to make sure they learn the right values and don’t get distracted which is a pretty normal thing to do for any parent. Most importantly, the GCE ‘O’ level examinations are conducted in the secondary school. Since the time the Ministry of Education (MOE) collaborated with Cambridge, ‘O’ Levels in Singapore have been getting consistently difficult. 90/100 in E-Math is what is required to get an A1.

The current education system is obviously characterized by high expectations from the students. Imagine the kind of pressure every student has to deal with. Of course, there is no denying the fact that some of the students are doing consistently well with being slightest bothered by the constant rise in expectation. However, not everyone is the same and as a matter of fact, there are many who are literally fumbling out of this constant pressure. How does it feel to the parents of such students when every parent wants to see their kids doing extremely well? How do the parents even help their kids acclimatize to this complex educational environment?

If you are one of those troubled parents, we have good news for you. Your worry days are certainly over. The Master Tutor is specialized in tuition for secondary school in Singapore. Be it any subject from Math, English to Chinese or Science, we have the best home tutors to assist your child in developing a thorough understanding. Most importantly, we help your child develop a deep fascination for their subjects of study with our advanced teaching skills which will eventually help your child acclimatize to every educational challenge to always stay ahead.

Private Secondary Tuition Vs Tuition Centres

We understand how difficult it can get on the part of parents in deciding if they should opt for Private secondary tuition or tuition centres and often parents, out of lack of information and understanding take hasty decision and end up making the wrong choice for their kids. We are much aware of this which is why we are going to share a few important points to give you a clear picture. Private Secondary Tuition has a leading edge over Tuition centres in many ways.

Proper Guidance: Unlike in tuition centres, a home tutor can always get your child the kind of guidance one requires to excel in one’s studies. Now, there is one thing for sure that there is no need of topic teaching as in tuition centres. Secondary school students can certainly learn themselves. However, what they need the most is a proper guidance in terms of advanced and innovative methods to learning.

Fast improvements: With one to one interaction between your child and our tutor, points can be easily understood which in turn accelerates the pace of learning. Even when your child goes wrong with anything, a home tutor can help one realize one’s mistake fast and stop one from ever making it again. It increases the efficiency of a student to a massive extent which is reflected in their grades as well.

Methodical approach: The transition from secondary life to adult life is really crucial which is why it is meant to be dealt with utmost care and attention. Most importantly, it needs the assistance from the most proficient teacher to help a child explore one’s hidden talents and abilities which will subsequently help your child develop new perspectives towards learning. Also, we incorporate many advanced methods in our teaching to keep your child always ahead.

Tutors at affordable rates: Our tutors offer tuitions at the most affordable rates which starts with just $25 per hour and may cost you a slightly more for full time and MOE tutors which is pretty reasonable considering the immense value of secondary education and O’ levels. However, we can still help you find a suitable tutor that fits your budget.

Experienced tutors: If you are looking for an excellent tutor for secondary school tuition, you are on the right page at this moment. We have the most experienced and proficient tutors to provide excellent one to one assistance on various subjects as A-math, E-math, Humanities, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, etc. We have only the most experienced tutors in our team to provide you with the most effective assistance to help your child excel constantly in studies. No matter, what your tutor requirements are, we have every kind of tutors be it male tutor or female tutor and all you need to do is make a free request on our website with the kind of tutor and the service that you are looking for.

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