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Looking  For Tutors For Primary School Tuition in Singapore?

Education has always got massive importance in Singapore. Primary school education is considered to be the essential foundation for everyone. Furthermore, Singapore is known to be one of the leading nations in world class education and is ranked as one of the top three nations when it comes to advanced and rigorous education system according to a recent global education survey. At Master Tutor, we emphasize a lot on Primary education to help our students march steadily towards brilliant academic careers. Building a decent understanding of the various subjects, as English, Maths, Science and Chinese can be really stressful on the part of a kid. However, we have the most proficient teachers to help your child achieve a good command over these subjects and that too with the greatest ease and fun.

At Master Tutor, we firmly believe that Private tuitions can always create a huge difference in improving a student’s understanding of various subjects. On top of that, it is equally important to learn fast and what it takes is of course a great deal of interest on the part of a student. Our tutors, on the other hand have an excellent command over the subjects they teach. Also, they they have years of experience in psychology, which serves as an additional advantage for them in understanding their students’ mind to instil the right amount of interest in the student which not only makes learning exciting but also makes it fast.

Be it any subject, Master Tutor is the ultimate solution. We  have been providing with the best private tutoring since the time we started. In our journey so far, we have helped many students break out of their fears pertaining to various subjects and instead help them develop a great deal of interest in those subjects.

Why Are Home Tuition Better Than Tuition Centres?

There are several reasons as to why Home Tution is always better than Tuition Centres.

100% Attention: Home tuition is always one to one with your child getting 100% attention. However, Tuition centres to a large extent fails to do that and considering the presence of multiple students, neither a student is able to follow the instructions of the tutor properly nor the tutor can give 100% attention to each and every student.

Competitive Edge: With Home tuition, there is a wide space for the tutor to analyze a child’s weaknesses and strengths which eventually may help one find innovative strategies to help the child make remarkable progress.

Proper Learning Habit: The education system has undoubtedly got more complex nowadays and on the other hand, if you are a working parent, you will be left with very little time to help your child go about one’s homework and develop healthy learning habits. In fact, this is how the picture is in Singapore these days. However, home tuition can help you take the burden of this worry off your shoulder as with home tuition, your child is certainly going to get more attention, learn proper study methods and cultivate a responsible approach towards completion of homework and assignments.

More Affordable: Home tuition rates are by far affordable from that of Tuition Centres. Our part time tutors start from only $25 per hour while it costs a bit more with full time tutors and MOE tutors. However, this investment will worth your while as it is certainly going to get your child’s academic career moving towards the right direction.

Experienced Tutors: With Master Tutor, you can rest assured of the most experienced tutors for your child till their PLSE. Our tutors will assist your child in subjects like English, Maths, Chinese and Science. They will help your child attain to the kind of perfection needed to excel in all of these subjects.

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