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Principles of Accounts is studied by students of selective Sec 3 and four belonging to Express and Normal Academics. The subject tests the students of Secondary three as well as GCE ordinary level.

POA boasts a large posy of opportunities for students to make a career in their near future. It is an indispensable part of every company which cannot be severed away at any cost. Financial accounting forms an essential branch of every enterprise. It lets you gauge the progress made be a company and helps to manage the expenses efficiently. Its timely maintenance triggers a company to achieve new heights. Thus POA is a practical subject like mathematics and science. So this means a student must have a strong base in POA to pursue his education in this stream.

The subject is chosen by a large number of people, and this means the stream is rife with cut-throat competition. Scoring A1 means a student fetches 95 on 100. This subject is surely not going to be a piece of cake if you wish to opt it. Studying this subject without any guidance will make things harder for you, and as a result, you score lowest in POA. So what is the way out to have the edge over others? It is private tuition with Master Tutor.

We are a top tuition agency in Singapore providing the best tutors for POA. Send us a free request for a POA tutor. We provide you with qualified and experienced tutors who fulfill their responsibility of working hard with the students. Our tutors deploy the best and most simplified teaching methodologies to make things easier for the students. As a result, the students grasp the subject quickly and efficiently. Our tutors will take care of the POA syllabus as well as the assignments. So what are you waiting for? Call us and speak to our coordinators and get a POA tutor.

What is the need to study Principles of Accounting (POA)?

POA helps the students develop deeper insights into the financial concepts and have a good understanding of this discipline. The students of POA learn about inculcating ethical conduct, detailed presentation, better communication, and sincere preparation. When you leaf through the syllabus of POA 2015, you see the values being imparted to students are integrity, objectivity, social responsibility, information, etc. The syllabus follows a pragmatic approach and helps in instills a feeling of responsibility in the students. Accountability and the sense of liability are essential in the companies that follow a callous, indifferent demeanor in treating the people.

Career prospects for a student of POA

Studying POA will mete out practical experience to the students, and it might pique interest in them. They may find the subject intriguing and wish to explore its layers further. It is also the most underestimated subject because of the highly popular subjects of mathematics and science.

As globalization continues to expand the economy, Singapore has become all the more popular economic hub. Therefore, you find no dearth of opportunities for students of POA. As market opens up to new horizons, new enterprises will spring up at myriad places and afford hundreds of chances for POA students. Big as well as small firms need financial accounting to run the company smoothly. There is a great surge in the demand of POA students. So the thought that there is not much scope in POA is a myth now. Explore the new career stream with POA. But studying this subject is not easy. You have to work hard to score well in POA.

Financial accounting is a vibrant stream and ensures hundreds of career opportunities for students such as financial reporting manager, public accountant, business analyst, tax accountant, controller, staff accountant, etc.

Benefits of POA Tutor in Singapore

Studying POA with the help of a private tutor is the best to learn this subject. A private tuition means one-to-one interaction with the tutor. You can ask all your doubts or questions without any restrictions of time. This is not the case in schools. The efficiency of the classroom lecture in school is curtailed by time. As a result, the students are unable to grasp the lesson. This also means the students do not develop a strong foundation in POA. However, with private tuition, there is undivided attention, and the performance of the students is seriously gauged and improved upon. The syllabus of POA is completed in a hurry and students develop a strong base in the subject. With improved understanding of the subject, the interest of the students is also increased. Ultimately the students fare well in the examination.

Master Tutor boasts a team of highly qualified and experienced tutors who explain the concepts interestingly and help children develop a concrete foundation in the subject. Our tutors use easy techniques to help the students grasp the subject quickly. They can score well in the subject and thus boost their confidence. So send a free tutor request to us. Our coordinators will talk to you about hiring a private tutor as per your preferences.

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