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If you are in need of O level tuition in Singapore, then fill in our request form. The Ministry of Education (MOE) has raised the level of difficulty of the GCE Ordinary level Examinations bit by bit, every year. The difficulty is very evident as 15 year old students are required to study 8 or 9 subjects which span across chemistry, history, physics, biology, geography, and principles of accounts. Also, what was taught in sec 3 is now being taught in sec 1. The students of upper secondary are being made to learn advanced concepts which previously made up the course of higher levels. So, it does not come out of the blue that your child is going through a tough time in school.

The academic scenario in Singapore is serious and rife with cut-throat competition. The O levels are a deciding factor as to the academic journey traversed by your child. It is indubitably an important period in the academic life of your child’s career and determines whether your child will embark their journey spanning 12-16 years as a university graduate or not. If your child fares well in the GCE O levels then he or she has the choice to decide whether to get admission in a Junior College or local Polytechnic. So if your child has stellar O level results, he or she can enter into Junior Colleges such as HCJC, NJC, RJC, VJC, and the like. This increases their chances of getting into the university. Even, students who want to get a polytechnic course have eight days or less for L1R5 of International Business.

The tutor agency of Master Tutor provides O level teachers who are qualified and experienced in all the subjects including Physics, Chemistry, A maths, History, E maths, Social Studies, Biology, POA, Geography, Chinese, Literature, Malay, Tamil etc. Our tutors are well versed and experienced with the O level syllabus and give smart techniques to be used in exams and help them do well. We provide completely free tuition enquiry at Master Tutor. So send us your tutor request without giving it a thought.

Why O Level Tuition in Singapore?

O Level Tuition Singapore

The GCE Ordinary Level Examinations is the success stone that every child in Singapore will stumble across in his or her academic career. This examination opens various doors in your child’s life and takes him along different routes. So take a tour of Master Tutor and help him excel in Junior College.

Even though your child cannot make head or tail of the place to take tuitions, you can help him by suggesting him to explore Master Tutor. With the kind of preparation provided by the tutors of Master Tutor, your child is promised to get bountiful choices to choose during their holidays. To add to your knowledge the results of O level are very important as they are not only valid for three years but also serve as a passport to grab the opportunity to study overseas. In addition to that a healthy environment in schools is very important to ensure a rise in the learning capabilities and increases their chance of self-development. It is the wish of every parent to see their children excel in the academical career. With Master Tutor, you can better their chance to ace the O level examination.

Do not worry with the level of difficulty increasing of the O level examination. Let your child get the right guidance he or she requires through the services of Master Tutor. So send us your tutor requests without any delay.

O Level Tuition Centres or Home Tuition O Level Tuition Centre

Singaporean parents are often lured by the cheaper tuition providers and embroil their children into great difficulty. They spend quite a chunk of money but do not get the desired results. It is to be noted that the tuition centres often teach in group tuitions which means they will not gauge the individual performance of all the students. This also means that all the students in the group will be paying the same tuition fee that you pay for a single private tuition. With more than one student, the tuition centre teachers are never able to focus on a single student and as a result there is no difference in the result with or sans the tuition learning. In this way your child’s abilities will be measured according to an average child’s learning capacity and therefore the lessons delivered will designed in a way ill-suited to your child.

On the other hand, private tutor at Master Tutor will focus all his attention on your child. They will do anything and everything suitable for your child’s learning including pace of lessons, exam techniques, teaching style, and level of difficulty. This is the most cost-effective manner to provide one-to-one O level tuition to your child. With a huge database at our disposal we can provide a tutor according to your needs of timings, race, subjects, gender, and experience.

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