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Are you finding it difficult to teach or help your child learn the Malay language? Do you feel that your child is having a hard time and needs to move yardsticks to learn a simple Malay language?  Get rid of all these troubles and take a private tuition with Master Tutor to simplify learning Malay. Our tutors will make easy the learning experience, and your child will have a whale’s time studying Malay. We have a humble and unassuming team of best and qualified teachers who beef up preparation when it comes to teaching a language of which you know nothing about. Our tutors start from the scratch and believe in building a strong foundation before teaching a language.

Did you know that Malay is one of the three official mother tongues spoken in Singapore by people of Malay descent? Malay is also the official language in Malaysia, Brunei, and Indonesia. As English is the official and widely spoken language in Singapore, it has overshadowed the importance of learning other languages. English is the standard medium of education and is used everywhere: work, home, recreation, school, etc., a large number students are learning English and use of other languages especially Malay mother tongue has become redundant. With such an extensive use of English, it is very natural for children learning a mother tongue like Malay, to find it very complicated. When you say learning a second or third language is not that problematic, mind it.  It is easier said than done.

Master Tutor will provide you with tutor teaching Malay at an amenable pace and emphasizes building a strong base of the children. At Master Tutor, we have qualified, and much experienced Malay home tutors to teach primary, secondary, and junior colleges. We provide private tuitions for adults as well who want to master command over Malay. We give our Malay lessons at an affordable price. So speak to our coordinators to arrange a private Malay tuition as per your needs and preferences. So do not waste any time and make a request for Malay tuition in Singapore for free.

What is the need for Malay Tuition?

The significance of Malay is not limited to the fact that it is a national language. It is also essential as it has earned the status of official language in various countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, and Brunei. You very well understand the importance of learning the Malay language, especially if you are a frequent business-trip traveler to Malaysia. So grab this opportunity to learn Malay with the best tutors, and it will be an excellent start to build a command over the language.

Apart from this, there are various advantages of learning a mother tongue. The first and foremost advantage is that once you learn Malay, you remove the language barrier and feel confident in communicating in Malay in different countries. Also, it is pointed out by UNESCO that children are afforded better learning in their mother tongue. Teaching and speaking with your children in Malay will also mean saving the language from extinction. As its language predominantly marks every culture, learning Malay will preserve it from finding its presence running into the pages of history only. So sign up with Master Tutor for Malay tuition. Our teachers will teach you both the language and the culture in its pristine form. If you want to learn Malay for passing a language proficiency test, for conversations to ease business problems, or any other reason, just tell us, and we will arrange a tutor for you. So speak to our coordinators and begin your tuitions.

What is the best way to get Malay Tuition in Singapore?

The best way to build a strong command over Malay is to learn it from qualified and experienced Malay tutors. But finding such a tutor itself becomes difficult. We at Master Tutor provide you with a Malay tutor who can teach you at your home and takes care of your schedule as well. We understand the need of having a flexible tutor who acclimatizes with your timetable. So if you want to hire a tutor for coaching your child in Malay, make a free request at Master Tutor. Our tutors are well versed with the latest MOE syllabus and help your child in learning this language in the easiest possible way. We make sure that your child learns this language with its rudiments and goes on to become a fluent speaker of the language. There will be preparation materials as well as tests to assess the performance of your child on a regular basis. So click to Master Tutor to begin your tuition in Malay. We also have the lowest Malay tuition fee in Singapore

Are you ready for Malay tuition?

Master Tutor will arrange the best Malay tutors for you in Singapore. We take pride in providing the best and qualified teachers who will simplify Malay language learning. Our tutors use the best and student-friendly teaching tools to enable you to grasp the language at a good pace. Our tutors work with a lissom approach and give time to your child as per his or her schedule. With our tutors, you will understand the richness of Malay language, dialect, and the associated popularity. So request Master Tutor for a one-to-one teacher to learn Malay. Our teachers will travel to your location without ifs and buts.

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