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Have you gone bonkers looking for GP tutor in Singapore? Are you tired of searching a good tutor you can help your child score well? Then forget everything as Master Tutor is here. Is your child feeling that writing a GP exam is really taking a screw? The constant worry of passing the GP exam plagues the parents with double anxiety than the children. If the bug of GP nightmares has caught your child and you think there is no solution to this, you are wrong. Usually the GP exam is taken amiss because of the hullabaloo created by the students by the dent of its difficulty level. Though passing the subject like any other subject is not a cakewalk, Master Tutor simplifies it with its qualified bunch of private tutors. We provide you with very qualified tutors who teach you the subject and help you score very well. The affordable rate of private GP tuition is the cherry on the cake.

So if you are fed up seeing ‘S’ or ‘U’ in GP even though your child gets ‘A’ in GCE, it is high time you get him or her a private GP tuition. So send us a tutor request now. It is not only your child who is terrified with difficulty level of General Paper (GP) once he or she gets into Junior College. It is very common for children to face the downwards trend in the grades after the constantly taking them aloft. So you should not be taken aback with the performance of your child and do not let him feel diffident. To the dismay of many GP is a compulsory H1 subject in the A-level exam in Singapore. All the students of junior college and Millennia Institute have to write this exam. The only ones who are spared are the students studying Knowledge and Inquiry (KI).

So if you are in need of a good GP tuition in Singapore, take a look at Master Tutor that takes pride in providing quality education and helps students pass the most difficult exams. We boast tutors who have student-friendly approach and are willing to work with students as per their preferences. We have the best GP tutors who are experienced in giving GP tuition to you. We are an affordable tuition agency and do not hesitate in running the extra mile for your child. Our private one-to-one home tuition will be very beneficial for your child struggling with GP. You can send us a free tutor request today.

What makes GP a difficult paper?

According to SEAB, the GP syllabus is a step up from ‘English’, a subject that students are all too familiar with. According to SEAB, the syllabus of GP is one step ahead of English paper with which our children very familiar. The secondary students have a smooth sailing because of expository essays and writing short stories. However, the GP students are not given this leverage. In the GP exam, essay writing is limited to very formal, long argumentative-type essays. Here the students have to exude their creativity and critical understanding of the topic given. They need to write an informed critical response on the topic given from myriad range of topics including history, economics, politics, philosophy, science, current developments, culture, arts, mathematics, and geography, historical, social, cultural, economic, political and philosophical topics. Writing such essays is not an easy task. So, the students face the music here as they are supposed to have a command over English language and delve deeper into the knowledge on the diverse GP topics. A student who falls short in both these parameters means he has his days numbered in the junior college.

Why do you need GP Tuition in Singapore?

Scoring well in GP paper entails you have the ability of critical thinking and you are able to reflect maturity of thought as expected from a student of junior college. Writing a GP exam involves crude and original thinking as well as the use of English language in its proficient form.

Without a good GP tuition your child is bound to feel lost. The pressure of grades and fear of becoming laughing stock of the class means your child is a rudderless ship headed for imminent disaster. Do not worry and get your breath back. Master Tutor’s private GP tuition should flicker a smile on your face. We have the best teachers for GP exam who identify your child’s weaknesses and are willing to work on them till they score well. Their preparation techniques involving daily exercises of comprehensions and essays and practice papers will make sure everything goes well in the exam. Our tutors are experienced and sometimes able to predict the type of GP exam to come, owing to their experience in teaching. Our tutors have taken a lot of assignments and therefore they are of much help for your child.

GP tuition centre or GP private tutor?

Having a private tutor for a subject like GP is very important to gauge the performance of your child meticulously. With private tuition your child is given personal attention and his mistakes can be easily indentified and corrected with practice. This is lacking in tuition centres. Tuition centres fail to pay heed to the performance of your child individually.

Another plus point of having private tutor for GP is that they can help you write down quality content for your essays. The knowledge and one-to-one discussion with the tutor helps you enhance your pool of knowledge. This helps you put in good thought and show critical writing in GP exam.

A private tutor can give you personal coaching as to how to read a comprehension quickly and the standard of answering GP answers. A private tutor is able to work things better with a single student and you could feel the difference. The teacher-student ration is very saddening in the tuition centres. By the dent of this, individual attention is not paid to your child. So with or without tuition he suffers the same problem.

Master Tutor provides you with home tutors who will teach responsibly and take your GP exam seriously. Our rates are also affordable. So make a tutor request to us now.

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