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Have you gone pillar to post looking an excellent English Language tuition? You wish to excel in the English language, but every time you went searching for an English tuition you were disappointed. Is it that whenever you browse an English tuition class, you just return with downcast eyes with the fee of the course? Then lay off all your troubles as Master Tutor is here. We provide a tailor-made English language learning tuition to help you score well in this language.

Has the disability to speak English made you feel that you are treated callously? If the English language is the subject that drives your mood to a crestfallen state, then we are here to change the status quo. Master Tutor is here to break the ice between you and the English language. So call it a day to all your worries about finding a qualified English tuition in Singapore. Master Tutor is a top-notch tuition agency in Singapore providing an effective learning experience to the students having a tough time with a language that cuts no ice with them. Whether it is PSLE, or A-level English, or O-level exam, we are prepared to tackle everything with our team of qualified tutors.

Our team of world-class English tutors is what you need to get a command over the language. Our experienced lot of teachers who have English running in their veins can teach the adults and children alike. They can cater to English PSLE tuition for a primary school to GP tuition of Junior Colleges. Even the English tuition of the secondary school, our team of private tutors can take care of the hassles of secondary O-level English language. So the IP and IB students need not worry and relax as you have Master Tutor at your disposal. We make extreme efforts to give quality English tuition to students who are struggling with this language and make it seem a cake walk, writing the exam of this language. So are you in need of English tutor? Just leave the English tuition centers and the setbacks of running to and from the center every day. Our English tutor will travel to any place to give an effective one-to-one English home tuition. Do not wait and send us your free tutor request.

The Practical Usefulness of Being Good at English

English is an indispensable and important language or subject in Singapore as it is the medium of education across all the levels. There are many instances where children cannot grasp the subjects like math and science due to the weak, debilitating foundation in English. Also, it is a misconception being able to read and write in the English language is the be-all and end-all of getting through the exam. This is a big mistake of students, and it will not help you in your academic career. Speaking as well benefits the students in their life, and they become good communicators and grab a command over the language. It gives them an edge over others thus enable them to catch greater positions in all the spheres of life.

Students of Arts optional have also realized the fact that being well versed in the English language gives them great leverage and increases their opportunity to gain an advantage in subjects of humanities such as Literature, Economics, Geography, and History. It is very well known that General Paper is the most challenging paper wherein students are running amok to score an A. General Paper is a compulsory paper to pass to get a university admission. So if you believe that you or your child is not having a strong command over the language, there is an urgent need for you get a good English tutor.

The Importance of Having A Private English Tutor

When it comes to having mastery over the English language, the state of affairs is very saddening. The 24×7 exposure of students to media that uses slang and the inherent Singlish culture adopted by Singaporeans has added to the pandemonium of weak English language. The younger generation is having a taste of language that is bereft of its rudimentary characteristics, and this is one of the many causes of not having a strong command over the English language. Things have gone to such extremes that students use the language in exams, which is used by them in social media and cribbing about teachers cutting marks over such a use of language. This is deteriorating the standards of learning a language. Parents are also being encouraged to speak English at home so that the children acquire the habit of speaking in English and increase their familiarity with the language.

Such a sorry state of the language has bottled things down to a level that children seek private tuition in addition to being taught in school to score well in the English language. All this has culminated into a demand for English tuition in Singapore at soaring levels. But unfortunately looking for a good English tutor is like building castles in the air. It is tough to find a good tutor who puts in an effort with the children. The English tutor is entrusted with various responsibilities such as they should be able to teach appropriate grammar, help the students in speaking correct English and doing away with the hesitation, guiding them to write an excellent essay, grasping and tackle difficult comprehension questions, enhance critical thinking, etc.

Why is English Tuition in Singapore Crucial?

  1. English is our national medium of communication.

This makes mastering English a must. It is the sole medium of education starting from Kindergarten going up to the University and beyond, in Singapore. So it becomes essential to master the English language.

  1. You suffer in other subjects without a good command of the English language.

Subjects of humanities like Economics, History, Literature, Psychology, and Geography require extensive writing involve intense and expansive writing. A weak knowledge of English language puts your child at a great disadvantage and as a result score low in these subjects as well.

  1. English is a compulsory subject.

Students of ​O’level  and A’level General Paper (GP) have to compulsorily take English exam and there many instances where students do well in all their subjects but flunk in GP. As a result, they do not make it to a local university. A good knowledge of English language not only aids is one’s academic career but also in personal as well as professional life. The benefits of having a good command over the English language will be reaped by a student sooner or later in his or her life.

Looking for Cost-effective English Tuition Rates in Singapore?

Master Tutor Agency has a forte in providing best English tuition in Singapore. Our efficient bunch of tutors and affordable fees has made us very popular among the students as well as parents. We boat a team of dedicated teachers who leave no stone unturned to help your child grab strong command over the English language. We offer tutoring lessons at a budget-friendly rate. We strive to provide quality and experienced tutors to students looking for private English tuition in Singapore. Master Tutor should be your first choice when you face any obstacle in the English language. So give us a try and feel the difference. With Master Tutor at your disposal, you have all the cards in your favor. So make the tables turn and grab this opportunity to find a suitable English teacher and score well.

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