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Does chemistry freak you out? Does taking the chemistry exam drive you nuts? Are you looking for a Chemistry tutor in Singapore? Then do not worry as Master Tutor is at your disposal. We are here to make all your worries ebb away. Master Tutor understands the affect and emotional imbalance that comes along with scoring low grades. Often a crestfallen student peters out interaction with people and starts associating these small fails with one’s ability. Students who flunk the exam often resort to extremes or start belittling themselves. So if chemistry is one such subject that has scaled down the confidence of your child, it is the right to do go in for private tuition with Master Tutor. We believe that holistic learning by adopting and amiable and student-friendly technique is the best way to help a child grasp a subject. We assure the child to work together until he achieves the desired results. We have a great quiz of experienced and qualified teachers who help in the overall development of child and increase his self assurance and help him score well.  So what are you waiting for? Send us a free tutor request now.

The Singapore education system enrolled more than half of the students opting for chemistry in the secondary school. As it is not an easy subject, students feel embroiled in the difficult principles and rudiments of the concepts that are hard to grasp. The Ministry of Education has beefed up the difficulty level by testing students on a high scale and assessing them on chemistry theory examination and school-based science practical assessment.  To get through such an exam, reliable private chemistry tuition becomes necessary. This can be the first step in achieving good scores in chemistry.

Having a qualified and experienced private tutor dispenses you with the difficulty in understanding the subject and could be the stepping stone to achieve high grades in this subject. Master Tutor underscores this aspect of education and makes sure that you get the best private tutor for chemistry who never turns his back in working hard with you. Our tutors are well versed with the syllabus and can teach you any topic including organic, physical, and inorganic chemistry. Our tutors are capable of providing tuitions not just for chemistry but for biology and physics as well.

Our tutors make sure that the students are explained the basics of chemistry right from the beginning of levels starting from secondary school, IB, and IP to junior colleges (JC), polytechnics, as well as tertiary levels. So request a private tutor from us.

Pure/Combined O-Level Chemistry Tuition

When you peruse the 2015 syllabus of O level chemistry, you leaf through the importance that chemistry holds in our lives. The students learn about chemical industries, renewable and non-renewable sources of energy, environmental issues related with chemistry, the problems of food adulteration, animal testing of cosmetics etc. With such a wide syllabus, the students are equipped with knowledge to do well in the technological world. They are able to carve a niche for themselves and become an informed citizen. A private tutor for chemistry will not only sate your basic requirement of getting good grades but also help you appreciate and use chemistry in day to day lives. Master Tutor provides you with very qualified tutors who work with the students, day in day out and help them take hold of the subject very well. If your child develops an interest in the subject it will encourage him to pursue chemistry beyond the Ordinary level.

So if you see your child struggling with concepts like atomic structure or organic chemistry or periodic tables, hire a private tutor now with us. We provide tutors for students of IP, IB and O level chemistry.

H1/H2 JC A-Level Chemistry Tuition

Do you know that the demand of chemistry tuitions for junior college supplants the one in secondary school, especially h2 chemistry tuition. The reason is simple: difficulty of A level chemistry. Students are supposed to delve deeper into the concepts and gain understanding of complex chemistry topic. They come across complex chapters of halogen derivatives, reaction kinetics, optical isomers, organic chemistry, molarities etc. With such a syllabus to complete before the exam, it is imperative that your child gets a private tutor who goes with a good pace without compromising the quality of lecture. The team of Master Tutor keeps abreast of these needs of the students and give them practical assessment papers. With such a preparation students find it easy to get through JC1-2, and the hard A-level exam

Why Chemistry Tuition in Singapore is Necessary?

Chemistry is a subject that can be mastered easily but you have to have a proper plan and strategy of studying the subject. A structured and diligent approach of studying chemistry will ensure that you excel in the exam.

Master Tutor’s chemistry teachers will explain you all the concepts from the scratch and that too topic wise without any haste. Chemistry equations, molecular theories, classification of elements, etc are few of the things that will develop the foundation of chemistry. Our tutors will help your child make good notes and help them maximise their efficiency. Having a private chemistry tutor ensures that your child gets one-to-one attention. The tutor will measure the child’s performance individually and personally and there will not be neglecting of preparation and performance of the student. So talk to our amiable coordinators to get a private tutor.

Finding Singapore Chemistry Tutors for Home Tuition

So call Master Tutor to understand the necessity and intricacies involving a private tuition for chemistry. Chemistry is a wonderful subject to be mastered and private tuition makes it easier. We cater to the O-Level, A-Level, JC, H1/H2, IB, and IP Chemistry Tuition. Master Tutor will provide the best and affordable private tutors suitable to the needs of your child. Our tutors will travel to any place to teach your child. So send us a free tutor request. You will see the difference in no time.

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