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Have you muddled yourself looking for a solution to fare well in Junior College? Have you left no stone unturned so catch up in class and deal with the problem of lagging behind? Do you need a best A level home tuition in Singapore? You are at the right place. The Master Tutor’s teachers will help you cope up with the pressure of A level. So do not waste a minute and fill in our request form without any delay. You will soon see that a private A level tuitions is worth the salt.

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The Singapore-Cambridge GCE (Advanced Level) Examination, also known as A-levels, and is held every year in Singapore. Students have the option of enrolling in the A levels either by signing up as a private candidate or by admission into a Junior College. The A level tuition in Singapore has jumped the bandwagon and become the most popular form of examination tuition sought after by majority of the students. It has now joined the league of popular primary and secondary school tuition. The Junior College life in Singapore is characterized by busy as a bee schedule, neck-deep competition, back-breaking schedule, running amok syllabus, and insanely competitive and stressed ambience. So it becomes very important to get good tutoring in order have a good preparation without any craziness.

If you find your child struggling with Junior College and has become weary-teary, it is time you fetch him or her a qualified and experienced A-level tutor. So pull up your socks and save your child from lagging behind the peers. The curriculum of the exam is also not easy and the preparations are beefed up with long durations of study at least one month before the final examinations.

Master Tutor takes pride in providing best solutions for A level tuitions. We deal with dozens of A level tuition assignments every month and specialize in offering the best A level tutors across all H1/H2/H3 subjects. So get your breath back and relax. Make a free request to us and our coordinators will get in touch with you to provide an apt tutor according your terms and preferences.

Why you should have A-Level Tuition in Singapore?

A-level tuition students in Singapore have trouble in dealing with the difficult syllabus of A level. To enhance your knowledge, the MOE and SEAB in tow with the University of Cambridge have made A level papers in Singapore, which have increased the difficulty level of the paper as compared to the common A-level papers conducted in the country. The difficulty as well as the competition soars every year and coming of the foreign pupils in the exam makes it altogether tough to grab the limited seats in the university such as NTU, NUS, & SMU. Many students beaver away the hard away but still could not come out of the exams successfully.

Currently private tuition has become the need of the hour as the students are not able to handle the pace with which the syllabus is taught in Junior Colleges. Many students sit idle in the class and come back home and discuss the concepts with the private tutor. This is nothing but sheer wastage of time.

Without a private tuition, you are putting your child at a great disadvantage and your child may succumb to the pressure. So do not wait and give it a try to the Master Tutor.

A Level Tuition Centres or Private Tuition?

It goes without saying that the private tuition centres provide education at cheaper rates. But they usually provide tutoring in groups. This means that your child’s performance is not gauged individually and is not paid much attention to. Master Tutor is tailored to provide one-on-one learning with our large horde of experienced and qualified tutors. Our tutors will take of the lesson plans, teaching style, and curriculum according to your child’s preferences. You just have to give us your preferences such as timings, gender, race, subjects and experience and we will give you the best tutor. A tuition rates are affordable and the lowest as compared with the competitors in Singapore. So be it A Level H2 Maths, Physics, Chemistry, or H1 History, Geography, GP and what-not, we have tutors to tackle all the subjects without any hassle.

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