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Is history stirring you crazy? Have you started to feel that choosing history was a harebrained idea? Your search for a good history tutor in Singapore has made you lose marbles? Then do not worry as Master Tutor is here. We are the best tuition agency to provide you the most qualified and experienced teachers for any subject. With Master Tutor at your disposal, you hold all the aces. Our tutors can teach humanities with the any sort of combination: History/Geography/Social Studies (SS), Pure/Combined Humanities Tuition. So your search for a history tutor ends here. Send us a free tutor request now.

We have tutors for any level of history whether you are a student of O-levels or for H2 history tuition. We are a reliable tuition agency providing one-to-one history tuition. Our tutors will take care of the syllabus as well as the assignments of the students. We make sure that your child enjoys learning a subject like history and does well in the exams. Our preparation strategy is very student friendly and our tutors do not shun the responsibility entrusted to them. So you can bank on us.

Why is history important?

There is much deliberation on the importance of history and the utility of past, present, and future. It has always been weighed up that studies should be conducted to improve the present and cater to the needs of the present generation. But we cannot rule out the past altogether. Successful consideration of the past is necessary to streamline the present and the future. You must have huge information silos in the shape of past in order to go back and have understanding of the things that went wrong or right. With a past-bereft study, mistakes committed in the present would become incorrigible. There will be no yardstick to measure the things that did not go as per the past.

A comprehensive study is instrumental in selecting the chunk of past which is most useful for the present. Without taking into account the intricacies of past, you cannot orchestrate the present as well as future. Take for instance the failed dictatorships of the world which are reflective of the fact that democracy is the best way of governing the masses. Take the example of United Nations which succeeded and evolved after scrutinising the failure of toothless tiger called League of Nations. The shortcomings of this post world war organisation were examined and done away with by replacing it with the more powerful UN. You could also bank on the example of Taliban which was a brainchild of US but turned around to become a Frankenstein monster. Likewise history is rife with numerous examples that underline the importance of past in forming the present and future. It is only with the threads of past and present that weave the fabric of future.

Taking History as a Humanities Subject in O-Levels

When students take humanities at a very early stage, it becomes easy for them to link past and present. They can develop deeper insights into the formation of societies, cultures, etc. They enlarge their perspectives on the way the world runs today.

These become important in inculcating an unbiased, inquisitive, knowledgeable, critical, and sympathetic approach to study the subjects. If you wish to study humanities in the light of the aforementioned approach, taking history tuition becomes must. If you are a student of O level history, Master Tutor’s team will help you in developing the right approach to study this subject as opposed to cramming of facts and information. Our tutors deploy apt teaching techniques so that you are intrigued by the subject and score better in the examinations.

H1/H2 History in the A-Levels

With so many facts and stories, history certainly becomes a dull subject. The curriculum of history raises the difficulty with the classes. So once you enter junior college, you find it very hard to cope with a subject like history. You cannot pass the history exam by cramming large portions of text. Also, students are expected to have critical understanding of the issues. Students need to write logical arguments and have good interpretation skills. This means you have to memorise large chunks of historical information and have good understanding of historical issues.

So with such issues, a private tutor for history becomes very important. Without an assistance of private tutor, you may find it difficult to tackle the syllabus of history. Master Tutor has a team of most qualified and experienced tutors who never turn their backs in working hard with the students. Our tutors give one-to-one private attention to the students and help them in scoring well. Our tutors work religiously with the students and help them prepare the voluminous subject of history. Regular practices and tests will enable the students to grasp this subject very well. Our tutors will help the students in writing critical essays on various historical issues.

Send us a request and talk to our coordinators about home tutors for Geography, Social Studies, and History. We take into account all your needs. Whether you need history tutor for pure or combined humanities, or need a male or female tutor. Master Tutor is the best tuition agency which will solve your private tuition problems. We truly value a student’s education and are ready to beaver away for the benefit of your child. Our tutors are well versed with the syllabus and tutor with student-friendly techniques. You can count on us for IP, IB, O-Level or A-Level history tuition.

Our tutors will do their best to help your child develop better understanding of various historical facts. Our private tutors will help them with assignments and make the vast syllabus simpler using easy teaching methodologies. Students will score well not only in their exams but also brush up their general knowledge. So what are you waiting for? Send us tutor request now and talk to our coordinators. You will see difference in no time.

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