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Literature has turned students nutty as a fruitcake with its enormous syllabus. High-level of English and works of great authors, when you study literature, you take a screw. It is a subject of lengthy texts that involves a lot of reading between the lines. You have to get into the shoes of the author to interpret the text. Students have to give the central idea and critical analysis of the characters in the stories or poems. This is not going be a piece of cake.

So if you feel the jitters for passing the literature exam, get a private tuition. Searching a literature tutor is all the more difficult. You will easily find tutors for sciences, humanities, and maths, but there is a dearth of tutors for literature. If you believe, tuition centers come handy; you are barking up the wrong tree. The experience at the tuition center would be akin to the school. As a result, there would not be much difference in your results. But do not worry. You can bank on Master Tutor to get the best literature tutor in Singapore.

Looking for Literature Tutor in Singapore?

If the exams are near and you need help with literature, you cannot afford to sit on the fence and search for a tutor. Send a tutor request to us. Master Tutor provides you the qualified and experienced tutors who will make sure you cut the mustard in your literature exam. We provide you literature tutors belonging to the literature background. Our tutors have studied literature in secondary school or junior college and have worked as full-time tutors or MOE teachers. Our tutors have a forte in teaching literature and boast degrees in English literature. The tutors have years of experience in teaching literature and are well versed with the syllabus of all the levels. So send us a tutor request now, and we promise to provide you the best tutor suitable as per your preferences and schedule. Whether you need literature tuition for O-levels or h1/h2 literature tuition for A-levels, we will get you what you need. Our tutors will help you not only with your syllabus but also with your difficult assignments. So do not waste any time and talk to our coordinators.

Literature in O-Level Humanities

You cannot escape literature as it becomes a compulsory subject for the students of lower secondary. The children are in the face off with literature at the age of 13-14. Children must have a strong command over English to fare well in the subject, without any fear of flunking. Students are supposed to choose one subject among geography, history, or literature, to take the GCE exams. Literature is not at all the choice of students because of the disliking for the subjects. Students feel that the difficulty level of the subject is too high and it would be hard to pass the exam.

Literature can be mindboggling for students because of the piercing English and hard-to-comprehend text. The stories written by authors can be very tough to understand. Students need to go behind the fiction or any other genre and pierce the veil to get what the author tries to say. Literature entails long hours of reading long texts and then harping on in the exams. With a large subject in hand, you get very little time for other subjects. As a result, your overall grades suffer. Literature teachers in school do not have ample time to explain things at length, by the dent of which students fail to grasp the lecture. Certain portions of the syllabus need long durations of classes to delve deeper into the story narrated by the author. With the curtailed time in school, parts of the text remain inexplicable. So with such troubles, it becomes imperative for the students to hire a private tutor. So just request a tutor with Master Tutor today.

Master Tutor gives you the best literature tutors who are willing to work hard with the students and help them score well. Our tutors will give you undivided attention and spend ample time with you, explaining the lengthy lessons until you grasp them. The teaching methodologies used by our tutors pique the interest of students, and they improve on their grades. With one-to-one private tuition, the performance of the students is gauged properly. The syllabus and assignments are taken care of by our tutors. So talk to our coordinators and get a private tutor.

A-Levels H1/H2 Literature TuitionHistory-2

A level literature becomes harder than O level literature. Junior college’s literature is the toughest level of literature. Leaf through the syllabus of H1/H2 and see for yourself. A close reading habit is necessary if one wishes to excel in literature. If you love reading and your pace is good, you are halfway there. A close reading will help you grab the latent meaning of the text. A private tuition can help you inculcate that habit. It is not something that you develop at the drop of hat. Attempting questions of this subject requires lengthy answering. This means who have to be thorough with your lessons and think critically of the text.

Our tutors will help you with the preparation and aid you in scoring well.  Our tutors will teach you in a manner that literature becomes an interesting subject for you. Our tutors will travel to any place and schedule the classes as per your timetable. So sign up with us and get your private tutor.

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