Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where do I find assignments?

    Currently, we inform our tutors of various assignments via Whatsapp. When an assignment is whatsapp to you you have a grace period of 3 minutes to accept otherwise it will be routed to someone else.

  • What is the commission policy like?

    We charge 50% commission on your first four week’s tuition fees. Thereafter, you can have the full amount of your tuition fees. We collect our commission upfront directly from the client upon confirmation of Assignment. You can collect the remaining amount directly from the client after completion of four weeks of tuition. Any tutor found in violation with our policy would be blacklisted and offenders may also be reported to the police.

  • Is there any hard and fast rule about the way the lesson should be conducted?

    We give our tutors full freedom to conduct the lessons in their preferred way as long as it is acceptable to the Client. However, the Client have the right to cancel the tuition anytime in the case they view your methods as unsuitable.

  • What is the minimum commitment for tutors?

    We expect our tutors to fulfill their tutoring commitment for the period they agree upon and in case, there is no such specification, the minimum commitment would be for a month. For tutors who fail to keep their commitment would be blacklisted and the information would be circulated to the other agencies as well. This will be followed by several other legal actions as we review the case.

  • What are the rules pertaining to postponement or cancellation?

    Cancellation Before First Lesson
    In the event when the Assignment is cancelled by the Client or Tutor with at least 2 hours notice given to each other as well as TutorMaster before the First Lesson commences. TutorMaster will do a full replacement for the Client and the Tutor will not be compensated but will be reassigned to the next available assignment that meets the Tutor’s teaching criteria.

    In the event when cancellation is initiated by the Client with no notice or less than 2 hours notice given. The Replacement and Refund policy will be void. Tutor Master will not replace or refund the client matching fees and the Tutor will be reassigned to the next available Tuition Assignment that matches the Tutor’s teaching credentials.

    In the event when cancellation is initiated by the Tutor with no notice or less than 2 hours notice given. The Replacement and Refund policy will be in full force. TutorMaster will find a replacement tutor for the client with no additional costs. The Tutor in question will no longer receive anymore assignments from TutorMaster.

    Rescheduling Before First Lesson
    In the event that the Assignment is rescheduled by the Client or The Tutor before the lesson commences, the tutor or the client is responsible for informing each other and mutually coming to an agreement on the rescheduling and informing TutorMaster thereafter.

  • Why have I not received any assignments yet?

    There are several factors involved, either the assignment you applied for is not a good fit or it could be that it was given to other tutors who were earlier in the queue. Rest assured that we will continue to find suitable assignments for you.

  • What are the categories of tutors?

    We have mainly three types of Tutors:

    Undergraduate – These are the private tutors who have yet to graduate and acquire thier university degrees. These tutors could either be completing their university degrees or their A-levels. However, they are very current to the syllabus as they are currently in the position of a student. These tutors offer good tuition for Clients with a tight budget.

    Graduate – This refers to those private tutors who have graduated and successfully acquired their University Degrees. These tutors have higher qualifications and are our mid-range tutors.

    MOE School Teachers – This refers to ex/current MOE certified Teachers. Tutors under this category happens to be the most experienced and qualified ones in private coaching and this is the reason why they command highest tuition rates. Be prepared to pay a premium keeping in mind the end goal to connect with these educators effectively.

  • Are the tutors provided by TutorMaster reliable?

    Tutor Master endeavors to give fantastic tuition agency service by providing tutors that matches the criteria and provides the greatest value for the budget of the client.

    TutorMaster has also made it compulsory that the Tutor brings along his or her credentials on the first day for verification. NRIC and Student Pass for Undergraduates, University Certificate for Graduates and MOE Certificate for School Teachers. The Client has the right to and should verify the documents for authenticity. TutorMaster will not tolerate Tutors who attempt to cheat our Clients with fake qualifications and information and will report them to the Police.

    To further ensure quality we are have in force a Replace and Refund Policy for the first 2 lessons in which we will provide the Client with a free replacement for the tutor as well as refunds. Terms and Conditions apply.

  • Is there a need to pay any agency fees?

    Monthly Tuition Fees would be the quoted amount based on the requested number of lessons a month and the tuition rates. Half of the Monthly Tuition Fee for the 1st month only would be paid to TutorMaster upfront as commissions by the Client for rendering the matching service, the remaining amounts of the Monthly Tuition Fee will be paid to Tutor by you the Client after the last lesson of the month is completed. For subsequent months after the 1st month all tuition fees will be paid to the Tutor directly at the end of the 8 lessons or at the discretion of you and your Tutor.

  • What if I don’t think the tutor is suitable?

    We have a Replace and Refund Policy in which the first 2 lessons would be a trial period for both you and the Tutor to decide if both the Client and the Tutor are a good fit for each other. During which the Replacement and Refund Policy will be in full force. If the Client or the Tutor rejects the assignment during the First and Second lessons both the Client and the Tutor are covered by the Replacement and Refund policy.

    After First Lesson
    For the 1st lesson the policy is in the favor of the Client, if the Tutor or Client rejects the assignment immediately after the First Lesson is completed and before the Second Lesson is conducted TutorMaster will do only a free replacement for the Client and the Tutor will not be compensated. The Tutor will however be assigned to the next available assignment which matches the Tutor’s teaching criteria.

    After the First replacement if the Client or Tutor rejects the assignment on the first replacement lesson TutorMaster will do a 100% refund of the commissions only to the Client and not the replacement Tutor. However, the replacement Tutor will be assigned to the next available assignment which matches the Tutor’s teaching criteria.


    After Second Lesson
    In the event the Client or the Tutor reject the assignment immediately after the second lesson and before the third lesson is conducted TutorMaster will refund the Client 75% of the amount paid. The remaining 25% will go to the Tutor to compensate the Tutor for time and transportation costs. The Client will not need to compensate the Tutor.

    Third Lesson Onwards
    Once the 3rd lesson commences, the Replacement and Refund Policy will no longer be in force. Lessons conducted and payment terms will be solely at the discretion between the Client and the Tutor. TutorMaster will no longer be responsible for future engagements between the Client and the Tutor.

  • How do I make payment?

    You may make payment online via PayPal or Credit/Debit card once you have confirmed the tutor. Upon confirmation an invoice will be sent to your email address and you can make a secured payment. TutorMaster is collecting payment upon matching as there have been cases where TutorMaster were not able to collect payment after TutorMaster have provided the matching service. To be fair to the Client and the Tutor, TutorMaster provides a Replacement and Refund Policy for the First and Second Lessons explained below in the Replacement and Refund Policy. See Terms and Conditions for Replacement and Refund Policy.

  • Where can I send feedback to?

    You can email your feedbacks to anytime you feel like. We appreciate you for every feedback you share with us as this will certainly help us get even better.

  • How are Tuition Fees Calculated?

    Tuition Fee will be quoted to you once we have found you a match. The Fee is quoted in a fixed and transparent manner based on tutor proficiency, subject grade, Frequency and number of hours. For example Tutor Category: Undergrad, Subject Level: Primary 1 English is quoted as $25 per Hour. If you select 1.5 hours, 2 times a week. Your Monthly tuition fee will be $25 per hour x 1.5hrs x 2 Times a Week x 4 Weeks = $300)

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