About Tutor Master!

Improving grades while building relationships

TutorMaster is founded with the intention of providing a platform to help students improve their grades and Tutors to find meaningful employment by matching quality tutor’s seeking to provide quality and affordable private tuition to students seeking to employ quality and affordable tutors in a way that is fair, simple and effective.

We were once students trying to improve our grades and we were fortunate enough to have found great tutors who helped us pull up our grades and discover the joy in learning. More importantly, a tutor is not just a tutor, they are mentors and friends. We have developed deep and meaningful relationships that not only shaped our formative years for the better.

During our days as an undergraduate we had to pay our own school fees and supplement our own expenses so it became our turn to be tutors. Having had a positive experience with our tutors we decide to be one ourselves to not only improve the grades of our students and also impart our life experiences to them. At the end what we have gained was more than just being able to pay for our school fees but a relationship with our tutee that has lasted a lifetime.

We are building this platform with the intention to share this experience with as many aspiring tutors and tutees as we can.

Improve grades and build relationships
Our philosophy is not just improve grades but foster a relationship between tutor and tutee that lasts a lifetime.

With our vast number of tutors and streamlined operations you will be getting your tutor on the day itself!

Quality and Affordable Tutors
You will be getting quality tutors that are affordable.

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